Tuesday, June 29, 2010

unexpected changes

So the storm last Wednesday night really came at us hard. As Brian was running to the basement to join us, we heard the small whistle sound outside & knew it wouldn't be a pretty sight when we went back upstairs. Well, we sent Brian up the steps first & he warned us that it looks like a war zone out there. Big tree branches everywhere, flag pole bent, silo roof completely twisted off & on the ground, there was a big branch that came down & ruined my clothes line, knocked the grill over & landed in the pond its base just a couple feet from my kitchen window. But thru it all, God's hand was so evident. All this that was ruined, is just "STUFF" and can be replaced. We still have our house & each other. My parents house had a electric pole that broke off & landed in their tree, live wires all around their house & 6 electric poles all the way down our road had either broken off & landed in the corn fields or were bent.
So thankful we have generators that have kept our power on enough to be able to run all that needs to be ran. Today is day 6 of the poor John Deere tractor still running non-stop fueling the generator. We spent 2 days cleaning up branches, cutting down trees that were ruined & just walking around being amazed at how something so quick can do so much damage.

Here are some pics

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  1. We couldn't believe the damage either. Our electricity didn't go out, unbelieveably, since it did during the first storm that week. We were without for 24 hours, not 5 days! After the storm Wed., we left for vacation. Of course on our way there, we had to drive through all the dangle of Goshen to see the damage! Brother! Glad you're ok.