Tuesday, August 17, 2010

179 MORE DAYS!!!

Brycen woke up this morning with dread and told me that there were 179 more days of school left! I laughed & told him that he should wear a sign on his back today that says "179 more days" that would be too funny. So I can definately say that none of my kids were ready to go back to school.

Brian & I were discussing last night that this year is a big year for all of our kids. Brycen's 1st year of high school. Lindsey's 1st year at Fairfield. Brevin's 1st year in the big hallway at the elementary school.

I am proud that I got their pic this year. Remembering last year when the bus arrived 10 minutes early on the 1st day of school & they had to RUN all the way down the lane. (something they totally HATE to do). I felt so bad last year thinking it was their 1st day & they were running. So this year, they went down plenty early.
Summer always goes too fast, it seems like we just had the last day of school in May. I am not ready for them to go back. I am doing all the chores today that I got to assign to them all summer. Laundry, feeding the animals, hanging up the laundry. I am doing them with dread.
So as I sit here, I am reminded how much i dislike the 1st day of school too. I am anxious for them to come home & one thing I do know is................................

Thursday, August 5, 2010

All done, now what?

Fair is over, am I sad? now what do you think? : ) I do miss seeing the kids in the yard walking the pigs & them working together everyday cleaning the pen. But the fair just isnt my favorite place to be in the summer. Too Hot, too many people, too much stress & drama.

Our Favorite pig, Tank did the best this year. We all loved walking him around the yard. He had a great personality & was easy. Brycen ended up getting Champion in his breed on show day & took him back out the next day for open show. (with a different judge, you never know what will happen) He got Champion of his breed again that day. Very unusual to get it twice. The breeder bought him back and is taking him to the State fair to show him there. We will be anxious to see how he does.

WHATS next??

The dining room table is completely covered in school supplies. Why is it that we have 5 art boxes, (only need 1). tons of spiral notebooks because there is still paper left in them from last year, and i'm not even going to count the crayons leftover or pencils!! Guess I wont need to be buying very much this year.