Tuesday, August 17, 2010

179 MORE DAYS!!!

Brycen woke up this morning with dread and told me that there were 179 more days of school left! I laughed & told him that he should wear a sign on his back today that says "179 more days" that would be too funny. So I can definately say that none of my kids were ready to go back to school.

Brian & I were discussing last night that this year is a big year for all of our kids. Brycen's 1st year of high school. Lindsey's 1st year at Fairfield. Brevin's 1st year in the big hallway at the elementary school.

I am proud that I got their pic this year. Remembering last year when the bus arrived 10 minutes early on the 1st day of school & they had to RUN all the way down the lane. (something they totally HATE to do). I felt so bad last year thinking it was their 1st day & they were running. So this year, they went down plenty early.
Summer always goes too fast, it seems like we just had the last day of school in May. I am not ready for them to go back. I am doing all the chores today that I got to assign to them all summer. Laundry, feeding the animals, hanging up the laundry. I am doing them with dread.
So as I sit here, I am reminded how much i dislike the 1st day of school too. I am anxious for them to come home & one thing I do know is................................

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