Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2009

Wow Christmas this year has come and gone so quickly. I am loving the sunshine & the lack of
snow this year. However, the kids are not impressed that they havent used their sleds much. Every day without snow & cold is one day closer to spring.

December is a especially busy month for us. Brian & Brevin both have birthdays before Christmas so that includes lots of parties with family. My side of the family has always celebrated Christmas for supper on the 25th. Santa has always been a tradition of the Brookins family since I was a kid. He is always expected & every kid has cried atleast once during his arrival. Now that they are older, they enjoy hopping up on his lap for their new pair of John Deere socks!!

We took a day trip & headed up to the Bass Pro Shop in Portage to do some shopping and just to get away. The Boys in the family really enjoyed themselves. Looking at guns, bow & arrows, ammunition etc...... Here are some pics of the girls, trying to enjoy themselves................

One of us is afraid of that bear & the other isn't . We ended up at the movie theater. Which was more fun for Linds & I.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!


  1. Thanks for the Christmas post - now i feel like i've read your Christmas letter. What a cool family you are.

  2. I was so shocked to see a post after so long! Just kidding. Great. I think I can tell who santa is! Was is you that cried or the kids?
    :-) Merry Christmas. I'm with the kids on the snow thing, though. It's break, I want my kids OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW, not inside bickering!