Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spading with a puppy.

I did not say I was spading my puppy, I said spading with a puppy! Very stressful. She loves to follow me around during the day, yesterday I got out the shovel & started with the idea to spade around all the landscape in the back flower beds. She of course was right there with me. Everytime I threw a clump of sod she picked it up & carried it through the yard. Of course, after seeing me digging, she thought she could do the same. I tried to be patient with her & it was nice to take a break & sit down & play w/her.

Laundry is also fun w/her. One of the first times I hung out the laundry, she of course was right there, digging in the basket for a treasure. Before I knew it, she had one of Brian's white socks & was dragging it thru the dirt. I yelled at her, she looked back at me & with a strut, took off through the yard, finally I caught up with her, hung the dirty sock up on the line, knowing it wouldn't matter to Brian. I told the kids if they find their underware in the driveway it is not my fault!! :)

We have told the kids that they can't leave anything important in the grass (shoes especially) or she will take & chew it up. Well, I have not listened to myself very well because one of my crocks have been missing for over 24 hrs. now. I have walked through the yards & still cant find where she carried it off to.
We love Bella & are thankful she will grow up!!!

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