Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our new puppy

Say Hello to little
"Bella". We have been discussing getting a puppy

before lady gets too old & set in her ways. We always pictured a english shephard like lady until Brian saw the sign down the road for "Great Pyrenees puppies". we looked them up on the internet & realized these dogs were sheep dogs, (which we have none of) but they are good watch dogs & "gentle giants". Made a road trip farther south to Flora & picked her up on a day the kids had off & here she is. Not gonna stay small for long, but hopefully she will learn to stay home!! Lady is doing fairly well with her & has only nipped at her a few times. Bella is so much more playful and Lady doesn't know what to think of her. The 10 pm & 6 am potty breaks from the barn to the corn field are getting tiresome for my OLD bones. Hope she learns to hold it soon!!

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  1. She is adorable! Matt & Lisa Litwiller have 2 that are with their sheep all the time. Their names are chic and sam! They get really BIG!